Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The real talent

I've made new friends and connected with a few old ones here on "the internets" and am amazed by the talent and ingenuity I find. For instance, if you are a relative of mine and you see me this holiday season, you may very well be receiving the gift of goat's milk soap from this site. Lisa, the site's proprietor, was inspired to begin making goat's milk soap because of her son's allergies, and it soon became the family business.

Another friend of mine sent me a picture of some flowers from her small Kentucky farm. Her Flicker page is gorgeous, but as of this posting, I haven't asked her permission to post it here. I'll do so immediately. [Update: asked and answered. Go here to be awed.] But here's one picture that she sent me:

She's got peas and berries, herbs and spices, pumpkins and watermelons--mocking zucchini--all on six and a half acres!

Don't even get me started on Dana's breathtaking photography.

And my sister's-in-law artistic work for a charity near to my heart was recently highlighted in a post here. You can see Janet's etsy shop here and more of her artwork on Janet Planet. I'm crazy about her stationary, which she has generously sent me and my daughter, so much so, that I didn't actually tell my daughter about the stationary Janet sent her and used it myself.

Uh, sorry about that, you guys. I'll do better next time. Anyway, here's to you artistic, creative types--the real talent of the world.

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Blogger Dana said...

Dear Nancy. Quite literally, dear Nancy.

p.s. I had no idea Janet Planet was your sis-in-law. I've visited her Etsy site in before! Small world even here on the internets.

10:09 PM  

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