Sunday, December 16, 2007

UN follies

Here's a book signing I would have liked to attend. John Bolton gave a two-hour question-and-answer and didn't turn down or dismiss any of them. While answering a question about Darfur, he illustrated some of the problems at the UN:
Mr. Bolton told about New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's attempt to get a copy of the UN's floor plans to aid the fire department, as every other office building has handed over such plans. It took months of diplomacy to get them. Ambassador Bolton had to raise the issue in a Security Council meeting.
Via The Discerning Texan.

I'm tired and my fingers are still cold from some follies my husband sprung on me this weekend, which I have documented with my camera and will report here, after I warm up and rest a bit.

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Blogger Dana said...

John Bolton is brilliant.

His refusal to play nice w/the UN, instead fearlessly exposing their hypocrisies and ineffectiveness will keep him out of certain influential circles and most definitely will never be BFF with that moribund organization.

1:29 PM  
Blogger DiscerningTexan said...

John Bolton would make one hell of a President. His candor and straight shooting is Reaganesque.

Atlas had a really good interview with Bolton for an entire hour on her podcast, in case you are interested.

Thanks for stopping by DT! Would love to see you visit again.

11:43 PM  

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