Monday, December 31, 2007

Useful letters, 2

Dear Monday 9:45 20/20/20 class,

I would like to apologize for my clumsiness during the first part of class today--the step aerobic part of the class. I'm usually not so clumsy a person--I simply missed the middle of the step, which caused my fall.

Please do not worry about me at all. I suffered no injury--well, no lasting injury that we know of yet, and I'm feeling fine right now.

Also, to the person who was exercising behind me. You got a little close. I wouldn't mention it, but when we were swinging the medicine ball around like a bowling ball, you nearly hit me. I'm not complaining or even warning you. I'm merely pointing out that people in an aerobics room need their space. (Also, I think if you thrust a little higher during the pilates section of the class, you'll find you get a better stretch.)

Thanks, class. I should be back next Monday barring any permanent injury from my fall. See you then.


Nancy Matocha

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