Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You need to know

I'm breaking my blog silence to alert you to the alarming news that ABC is working with Cox to prevent viewers with digital video recording (DVR) from fast-forwarding through commercials.

I predict Venezuelans will riot, as they should. This is not good marketing. Good marketing is putting product placement back in shows where they belong--next to a cigarette-smoking Johnny Carson--and not bothering us every eleven minutes with commercial breaks. Unless they're entertaining commercial breaks.

This may catch fire for a while with the other networks (not FOX) but I'm guessing it eventually will go away because it's anti-technology and anti-viewer.

I have spoken.

Update: Holy toledo--hat tip to Rob Long.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Forgotten task #994

Once again it's spelling test day and we have forgotten to study. This is not such a big deal because she generally aces the tests, but has a hard time with the challenge words. This week she was surprised to discover that Washington was easier to spell than Lincun, er Lincoln.

I'm still enjoying the new job, but I certainly appreciate more the time I had just for housekeeping duties. Well, I've been interrupted three time since I started this post and it's time to get dressed and keep the kids from waking their father, who went to bed an hour and a half ago, due to an international conference he had to be on, so I'm off. Posting will resume when free time does.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

With the author's permission:

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The youth vote

Pundits and politicians talk about them every election. One candidate is always going to bring them in. This year, it's Obama that's generating all the buzz and excitement. But can politicians ever really count on them?

Obama girl, the gorgeous babe who made the video, didn't show up to her primary.
“I didn’t get a chance to vote today because I’m not registered to vote in New York,” she said.
She's registered in New Jersey and couldn't make it in. Heh. (From Iowahawk, via Instapundit.)


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Persona non blogger

Well, I have no idea when I'll be posting again, or if I will at all. I'm still on edge about the new job and juggling it with the kids, who are doing great, by the way. I try to leave the office early so I can pick them up and still have time before dinner to spend with them, and I often see disappointment in Emma's face when she sees me, and that's a good thing. The look says she was just about to get into something interesting when I arrived.

The pace of life has gone from a leisurely stroll to a sprint and I'm still trying to catch up to the pack. Unfortunately, this is the weekend my husband has to help his office move from Irving to Dallas. His company lost two key IT people in the last few months, who were in charge of the move, so Gene volunteered. It was not entirely altruistic on his part--he's been gunning to get servers set up in such a way as to make them available to different departments at once, so he wants some influence there. The poor guy has an ear infection to add to this busy mix, so he was relieved of Sunday breakfast duties.

The working mom's life is a messy one. The other afternoon my daughter, eating a bagel at our new breakfast bar, dropped it on the floor and I asked her if it got any crumbs on the floor. She said she couldn't tell because there were too many crumbs there to know which were from her bagel. (Note to self: the broom is more than just a home accessory.)

This transition into workdom would be an easier one if I could discipline myself into going to sleep at night and staying asleep for at least seven hours. But sleep is an ocean and I float near its shallow shores. When the waves ebb, my body is tickled awake, and that's it: whether it's 3:30 or 6:00 a.m., I'm up. In the last month, my inner alarm clock has been ringing around 4:00, making for some very groggy decision-making.

It's even cut into my wine drinking. My joie de vivre joie de left! This morning, however, my inner alarm didn't ring until 7:15. Even my son, who usually gets up an hour before that, slept in. The extra sleep is probably why you're getting this post. (Lucky you!)

Thanks to those of you who check in on me. I don't want to leave and never come back without a word. I did that in my twenties and was surprised to find out in my thirties, it left a lot of people miffed. But that's my current story--I'm not at the top of my game, and the blog will have to wait until I am.

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