Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Above, our new spider web that I mentioned in the post below, complete with giant spider.

Above, an old friend, a mechanical ghost who moves up and down in the corner of our front yard.

Above, one geeky executioner and two not-very-scary trick-or-treaters. Emma is a sweetheart bat and Brendan is some type of ninja, mask and shoulder spikes not worn in this picture.

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Happy Halloween!

Above, our daughter required costumes for the whole family this year. I'm wearing a "Dark Angel" costume, plus a witch's hat at her request. I asked for a medium or large and Party City only had a medium. It was a bit too small, but with all that fabric, not very noticeably so. My husband, who flew in from New Jersey just for the weekend, went as an executioner geek. (If I had a close up you'd see his glasses make him look a little geeky.)

Above, an old feature. Our 15-year-old neighbor helps my kids put the bones in the right order. My husband bought the skeleton from a medical equipment supply magazine.

A few new features this year.

The kids loved the rats.

You can't see it, but also added are a giant spider web and giant spiders. Plus, we had a fog machine and Gene rigged up thundering sound effects through some old speakers.

Parents were having their kids pose for pictures in our yard!

I was not well this Halloween, but duty calls on the most exciting night of the year! So, I did a little trick-or; I did a little treating. I think I hit the hay at 10:30 after holding up pretty well.

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