Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Speech, II

I thought the same thing Mickey Kaus did when I read that passage.
Those are all the people who are trying to help--families, teachers, and Barack Hussein Obama? He's "working hard to fix up" classrooms? I hope not! He has two wars and a health care bill to worry about,
The other thing I thought about the speech, was that he's really trying to inspire poor kids. He could have made it broader to include the disaffected middle- and upper-middle class suburban youth. Kids can get cynical out in the 'burbs, ya know! Maybe it comes from having too much--I don't know.

But it was very paternal, which isn't a bad thing (well, it is, if you're a Republican president). I think the country can sometimes use some more parenting. (That remark will surely come back to haunt me. Don't confuse that remark as support for nanny statism.)

Althouse smartly points out, "Obama's speech to kids is nearly 10X as long as the Gettysburg Address (which was given to adults). The kids will need to sit still for 2540 televised words."

She's right, of course. Long speeches, I learned long ago, don't go over too well with audiences.

Politics aside, I think if presidents want to give speeches to the nation's school children, they need to give school districts time to plan and put it in the curriculum. A huge part of running a school is organization--moving one big group of kids from one room to the other. I'd give schools at least a year's notice with an early draft of the speech.

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