Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Speech

I don't know. If the president can inspire a lot of kids--who would otherwise drop out--to stay in school, I say it's worth it.

Problem is that's a big immeasurable if.

My kids' school will not be airing the speech live because it conflicts with lunch, but will record it and put it up on their Web site so parents can watch with their kids later.

More: I'm surprised that Stephen Green is so fussy about it. Too much vodka? Tom Maguire is always hilarious. (Hmm ... maybe I should make that a tag.)
Your kid will have to put up with twelve years of public school indoctrination anyway - one more day can't hurt.
I well remember President Carter urging Americans to control the temperature in their homes to save energy, and it fit snugly with my burgeoning frugal self. I've got plenty of green friends who turn blue at night when it comes to adjusting the temperature on the p.m. A/C -- can't not snuggle under warm, thick covers as though you're living through a Colorado winter without heat, even though it's North Texas where night time summer lows generally hover at 78. Let us keep the cozy!

The president's got a similar deal going on during the a.m. hours.

With all the gen-x passion I can muster -- after his campaign remarks about not wasting energy -- I proudly declare: whatever.

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Blogger Dana said...

Our school is only making the speech available to 5th graders. The kids are required to have signed permission slips to watch it. But out of 4 5th grade teachers, only one is considering showing it - and that only after reviewing the context of the speech. Most just have to much other mandatory curriculum on their plate to take the time...

Either way, as Althouse said, if it's pap, it's still just a waste of time. I think if it's more than just an innocuous encouragement, we'll once again have it confirmed how tone deaf our president is.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Funny how I can't find that speech anywhere as the WH said it would be posted the day before (today) for parents to peruse...

8:22 PM  

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