Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home reconstruction

Remember when we took down the fireplace to put in a bar? We put a new fireplace in. (Can't shake the underline function right now, fyi.)

First you remove the window on the wall.

Actually, first you pick out a few pieces of slate:

You have to cut a hole in the eve hanging over your backporch:

Unknown unknowns emerge:

For a few weeks, you'll have a hole in your house. You can sing "There's a hole in my house that can only be filled by you..." by Extreme to your husband during that time.

Here's what it looks like from the other side:

You'll need to put a hole in your roof for a chimney:

And then you need to build it:

Looking up:

Here's another shot, taken from the deck of the playhouse:

Only don't forget to take down the old chimney:

And throw away the refuse:

Patch up that hole:

Keep patching:

Did I mention the hole in the house? Here it is with some framing:

And the fireplace arrives:

It has some sort of catalytic converter. It has some sort of EPA approval.

Put some cement board around it and start bricking it:

Keep going:

But wait! Free firewood listed all over Craig's List! [Added: You'll have to chop it down and make a place to store it.]

Aw, come on! I can't take the dust anymore:

OK. I'll take Emma to her party. Meet us later for cake. And when I get home:

Yay! Thank you! (Now what about the other side?)

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