Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What have I been doing with my time away?

Greetings friends and family of Bystander!

Whoa! Blogger's changed since I've last been here. Here are some updated photos of our cabin. A good friend of mine is going to help me furnish it.  Below is Gene trying to do what the stove guy couldn't, that is, attach a pipe to the wood-burning stove.

We have a railing!

 This is the living room before we got the hardwood down.

This is the kitchen. By now we have a stove/oven in it, plus a real laminate coutertop.

Le water closet:

As you can see, it needs a curtain in the window.

Below are two pictures of our floors. The carpet is in the loft. The hardwood is all over the living space on the main floors. I cut the planks to size and Gene hammered them in. More pictures to come ...



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