Monday, October 17, 2011

Cabin becomes homey

I am just returned from Colorado where I spent five nights and four days. With the help of a good friend, who is an absolute pro at shopping and organizing, here's what we accomplished:
Received refrigerator. Bought and hung kitchen curtains from Wal-Mart.
Sorry, husband. I want a TV for movie-watching. Bought one a Wal-Mart. Found this stand at American Furniture Warehouse. On clearance. Because we found so many other clearance items, it had to be taken out of its box to fit in the car. All furniture had to be assembled.

Hung coat hooks from Lowe's and wall clock from Target.

Received "leather" couch from American Furniture Warehouse. The dimensions are a bit over-sized for the space. (My bad.) But it's comfortable. Found ottoman (with storage!) at AFW, as well as that wicked cool shelf next to the couch. Tray from Target.

Received two twin beds from AFW, (Did I mention I love men? The delivery guys just brought n our stuff and put it where it needed to be!), found night stands and lamps on clearance while in the store. The bedding was a last-minute find from Target.

The upstairs loft. Plan is to buy more blinds and bring them up on my next visit.

The bathroom needed that shelf from Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, hung curtains (just out of picture view but visible in the mirror) from Wal-Mart.
Facing west. You see the aspens in their full yellow glory.

Received bed from AFW. Found bedding at ... Ross? BB&B? Can't remember. Two sets of lamps for bedrooms on clearance from BB&B. That little nightstand also a real find.

Studied window treatments at Lowe's and found perfect roller blinds. Then found out Lowe's no longer stocks privacy liners for the roller blinds so switched to wood blinds, brought them back and hung them. Bedding from ... Bed Bath & Beyond? At this point, four days of shopping is all a blur.

Facing west. You see the aspens in their full yellow glory.

Facing north.
East facing.

South facing, overlooks a little valley (not seen here) where twice we saw deer grazing.


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