Sunday, January 15, 2012

Somewhat finished cabin

Honestly, I feel a little weird going public with our cabin adventures. It's what's in my thoughts and heart and mind lately, so I'm dying to write about it. I think I have some form of capitalist's survivor's guilt. But when I feel that way, I think about my difficulty finding a job, which I need, and somehow the survivor's guilt is diminished. If you think I'm throwing my family's fortune (good or bad, time will tell) in your face, remember I lost my job in May, started looking in August and haven't found a professional home yet. If we can rent this baby out, that will fill in a lot of holes my lack of income is creating.

We will always have work to do on the cabin, but we were able to achieve a finished look (if you don't look too closely!) while up there during the Christmas break. Our mission was to finish furnishing it and install a used washer and dryer in the basement.

We hauled up some inherited furniture (cedar armoire, cedar chest, small dresser and table) from Oklahoma and put it in a borrowed 5' x 8' trailer. Gene and his stepdad covered it with "Flappy the Tarp."

(Flappy was not unflappable and we stopped several times to strap him down.)

We arrived in the dark and unloaded the trailer using a hand truck. Then we realized we couldn't get the trailer back up our 280-foot snow-covered driveway. Worry, worry, worry. So Gene shoveled snow (in the dark) off the whole 280-feet, detached the trailer and confirmed that our VW Passat station wagon was able to get back to the road. Hurray!

Tuesday morning, Gene tried every way he could think of to get the trailer back up the hill, even with me behind the wheel and him pushing, but the trailer would only go as far as 270 feet, ten feet short of the road. Dang it!

New set of plans. Instead of going into the Springs to purchase a used washer/dryer set, we'd go to Wal-Mart to buy snow chains and other needed supplies. We'd eaten up half the day on that trailer and it was too late go into the city to rent a truck.

Wednesday, Gene and the kids had reservations for skiing. I was resting my knee (which re-injured while I was sitting in the ski lodge!) so I hung out in the lodge with a book and some coffee. And then a beer. And then a snack. And then another coffee.

Success! The kids had fun!

Thursday morning the muddy divots our tires had left from Tuesday were dry and the trailer went up the hill without a hitch, that is to say, easily. We hit the Springs for our washer/dryer and some used furniture. Now. How to get the washer/dryer into the basement ...

(I'm the president of Gene's fan club.)

Friday we went back to the Springs to finish furniture shopping, oh--and to take our umpteenth trip to Lowe's Depot. We were keeping our car and trailer parked on the road just in case we couldn't get it back up our driveway again. On the walk up there, I took a few pictures:

Pretty in the snow, huh? Here's a different view from the road:

Anyway, we found a few nice pieces to fill in the holes inside the cabin. Here are some pictures. Click to enlarge:

You can barely see it in the above picture, but there's a 30-year-old donated butcher-block dining table that Gene sanded and re-finished. (See below.)

Below is the master:

I give you the guest room:

Where you put the kids:

Gene fell for that chair (below) at a used furniture shop. The cedar chest is inherited and the side table was part of a used set we bought. It goes with the coffee and end tables downstairs. They wouldn't let us buy two pieces; we had to buy the three.

We were supposed to leave Saturday, but we were behind schedule, so instead, we stayed to clean out the basement and load up all the remaining refuse from the furniture packaging and whatnot so that Gene could install the washer/dryer. Our dryer had a plug with three prongs; we had an outlet for a four-pronged plug.

It's always. Something.

We left the mountain at about 1:45 and arrived at the dump 11 minutes after it had closed. On a Saturday. On a Saturday that was New Year's Eve. (See above paragraph.)

So at Emma's suggestion, we decided to haul the whole trailer full of trash back to Texas.

And as we'd promised the kids we took them to Manitou Springs to stop at the Wizard Shop for some wand-browsing. (First we stopped by a local hardware store for a new plug for our old dryer.) We hauled the trash there as well, eventually parking in front of the swanky 125-year-old Cliff House Hotel, where they seated us in the music room because the dining room was not yet open. We had a very nice waitress who asked us what our plans were for the holiday weekend.

Oh, we're just going to haul our trailer trash up to Wal-Mart and then back up to our cabin and then haul it back to Texas tomorrow.

And that's exactly what we did.



Blogger katherine catmull said...

What a magnificent story! I am so glad I didn't miss this. That place is gorgeous and you will be deluged with renters -- please save a chunk of time for my writer's retreat!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Thomas T. Bomas said...

Nancy, this is AWESOME! YOu are a great story teller and your husband is making all other husbands look slack! What a great looking place!

Kathy, the boys and I are, unfortunately, scheduled on the SAME weekend as your writers retreat. You won't even notice us though. Mason, specifically, is quiet as mouse.

One more word verification to post on this blog is "skerpion". I'm googling it right afterwards, just in case.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks you guys. You're making me feel really good!

11:44 AM  

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